KiraKira is a platform that empowers MICRO SMEs by providing a simple digital accounting system to track business finance
All businesses from any category can use KiraKira
KiraKira is a 100% free online application to support SME merchants with no subscription fee and trial period
As of now, only one user can use KiraKira at one time. Stay tuned for the next update that allows you to have two users simultaneously.
WhyQ do not provide POS machine because KiraKira fully utilized phone to digitalize your business.
Alright, we are working on your issue and will get back to you soon
To record daily sales transactions with simple POS system
In KiraKira, we provide two methods to upload products: 1. Add New Product (for individual products) 2. Bulk Upload (to upload products in bulk) How to upload products in bulk: 1. Click on Bulk Upload 2. Click Forward 3. Copy to clipboard 4. Open tab and paste the link 5. Download the Excel file 6. Key-in all your products 7. Upload the same Excel file in KiraKira
Yes, KiraKira allows you to: 1. Share the receipt directly via online to your customers (in PDF form) 2. Save file into your device and print the receipt from your printer We are in work of developing the function to print the receipt. In the meantime, we will only have e-copy of your receipt. As of now, you can only print it in A4 size.
Here are the ways to upload product image: 1. Go to e-Cashier tab 2. Click Edit 3. Click the + icon of Product Image (you can choose the image from camera or gallery)
You have two options: 1. Individual delete (click on Delete button for the particular product to delete it) 2. Bulk delete (please click Talk to a Rep)
After adding products, click continue to proceed to payment page. You will see two options: 1. Received full amount (when customers paid in exact amount) 2. Insert amount manually (when customers paid bigger amount from the total purchase)
All entries from e-Cashier will be saved in Transactions tab and marked as 'Sales Cashier'.
To record lent or borrowed money and to set debt payment due dates.
This is the differences: 1. Give - when you lend money to customers/contacts 2. Receive- when you borrow money from suppliers/contacts
Here are the ways: 1. Go to Debt tab 2. Pick any particular debt entry 3. Click Payment or Reminder
Go to Others, click Bank Details and you can fill-in your active bank account.
Yes, you can. Debt entries will not be included in Transaction Report.
No, contact number is mandatory for Debt record.
It helps to track business transactions, including entries from e-Cashier.
Here are the ways: 1. Go to Transactions tab 2. Click View Sale & Expense Report 3. Click Download Report
On Transactions tab, click on the respective date and choose particular sale/expense entry that need to be shared or downloaded.
Here are the ways: 1. Go to Transactions tab 2. Click View Sale & Expense Report 3. Filter selected report duration 4. Save file into your device and print the report from your printer
WhyQ is a loan aggregator focused on small and micro businesses and not money lenders. We provide products, services and deals from financial institutes for all Malaysians.
It is open to WhyQ merchants who are: 1. Malaysian 2. Have a business 3. Aged 18 years and above.
As of now, Funding Societies is our main lender. Stay tuned for more.
WhyQ will collect general information only, while the lenders will manage the complete documentation.
There is no fixed amount for the interest rate. It can be affected based on the loan period, credit score, choice of lenders, etc.
Here are the procedures: 1. Apply for the loan through KiraKira in Loan section. 2. Expect a call from our end within 2-3 days after applying. 3. WhyQ will send your application to the lenders. 4. The lenders will contact you through call, WhatsApp or email for further process.
We are checking your status and will get back to you soon.
As of now, we do not have SKU function in KiraKira. Stay tuned for more updates.
Ya, semua data dilindungi kerana kami membina penyulitan hujung ke hujung ke dalam sistem kami untuk melindungi data anda daripada disalahgunakan.
WhyQ Kira Kira is a free app. There is no subscription or trial period.
Yes, you may use KiraKira for personal purpose but it might not be suitable as KiraKira is designed for business usage.
You have two options: 1. Individual delete (click on Delete button for the particular transaction/debt entry to delete it) 2. Bulk delete (please click Talk to a Rep)